Student Health Insurance

About Student Health Insurance

An unfortunate afterthought of the college enrollment process, many students do not prepare for medical needs, and often resort to the limited services of on-campus clinics. Getting health insurance is very important for college students both domestic and international, as you may not always be covered under your parents’ plan.

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The Importance of Student Health Insurance

College students are susceptible to a variety of  illnesses, such as mono, strep, flu, and of course the common cold. Sharing living, eating, and learning space with thousands of other people on a daily basis give ample opportunity to become ill. Medical students are regularly exposed to diseases such as HIV and TB. Due to these illnesses alone, it’s worth an investment in your health so  nothing gets in the way of your coursework or your extracurricular life.

International Student Health Insurance

International health insurance is necessary when studying abroad, or if you come from another country to attend college in the United States. We can help you find a company that specializes in travel and international health insurance.

Your Options

Plans can vary from state to state, and obviously from one student to another. Based on your health, location, tobacco use, and a few other factors, prices will be different, so feel free to ask for guidance from one of our student health insurance experts.