Location serves an important role in determining the type of health insurance options you have. Insurance companies and the products they offer vary from state to state.


East Coast Health Insurance currently offers products in almost 45 states.  If you happen to live in a state where we don’t yet offer products (or never will, like Massachusetts) we will still tell you how to get health insurance whether by applying carrier direct or going to the state Health Insurance Exchange.


Each state article also includes an in-depth analysis of the free public health programs for the needy or sick, or needy and sick if you are doubly afflicted.  If you have questions about your state, it would be just a bag of kittens if you want to call us at 888 803 5917 for free advice even if we are not in your state.


We’ve listed information on each state, even if we offer plans and the corresponding page on that states available health insurance plans and government health programs.  We even included a little song about each state and the products we offer there.  (Just kidding, there is no song.)


Additionally, if you call us or get a quote and we are missing a carrier or don’t have enough selection to suit your needs, call us as some plans do not appear in our quote engine currently, but we might very well have them available to apply for or quote.