In Alaska, health insurance policies are strongly affected by legislation. Several laws are in place that affect the way health insurance plans work. Individual health insurance that covers dependents will provide newborns and adopted children medical coverage for the first 31 days after birth or adoption under their parents.

Alaskan health insurance companies also have the ability to include certain options in policies to free themselves of responsibility. The companies are permitted to use elimination riders, which takes the responsibility off their hands in some cases. These are used in the context of pre-existing conditions.

Because health insurance companies have less restrictions on what they can charge, and how they decide to construct their policies, it is important to read the fine print and find out what really goes into your health insurance plan.

An up side, however, is that health insurance companies are required to allow you renewal of benefits. Also, health insurance can not be discontinued as a result of being ill due to the guaranteed renewability provision.




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