Arizona Maternity Assistance

Coverage for Pregnant Women in Arizona

The best health insurance for expecting mothers in Arizona is AHCCCS, the state Medical Assistance program. Eligible applicants are not required to pay a monthly premium for medical services. Another type of Medicaid program for pregnant women is SOBRA. Customers eligible for SOBRA receive AHCCCS Medical Services, and if they lose SOBRA pregnant coverage when the postpartum period ends and they are ineligible for other Medicaid services, they can still receive 24 months of family planning services.

Prenatal services are offered through Baby Arizona, which is a program designed to give pregnant women proper care while their AHCCCS application is being approved and/or benefits are pending. A Baby Arizona professional will connect the patient with a local provider who can help her apply for the AHCCCS program. Baby Arizona offers immediate care for women who need access to prenatal services before they have acknowledgment of their acceptance for AHCCCS.


The AHCCCS program for pregnant women is open to Arizona residents who are also US citizens or legal residents. It is required for women who apply to have a Social Security number or apply for one.

Applying for potential income that might be available, including unemployment, pensions, and Social Security is also a way to qualify for AHCCCS benefits. The final requirement is meeting the income criteria, with household earnings that total less than the state limit. A percentage of the pregnant woman’s income as well as a percentage of their parents’ or spouse’s income is also taken into consideration.

Women of any age and any month of pregnancy are accepted for SOBRA Pregnant coverage. In order to be eligible, you must have a valid application, be a pregnant resident of Arizona, provide information to determine eligibility, have a Social Security number, not be in a penal institution, apply for potential benefits, and have income less than or equal to 133 percent of the Federal Poverty Level.

Though these are two different Medicaid programs, SOBRA and AHCCCS provide the same services to pregnant women in Arizona of different income levels, as SOBRA eligible women get AHCCCS benefits.

Income Guidelines

The following chart indicates the gross income limit, or amount of monthly income an individual is allowed to make before taxes and other deductions to qualify for AHCCCS as a pregnant woman. If there is a working individual in the household, there may be a deduction for work costs and child care. Note: the listed income limits change every April 1st, these are the current figures for 2012.



  • Baby Arizona
  • Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) Pregnancy & Breastfeeding Hotline: 1-800-833-4642