Florida KidCare

Florida KidCare offers various programs for children living in Florida from infancy to age 18. Depending on age and household income, Florida KidCare will place the child in one of their four partner programs if they are eligible. One or both parents can be employed and the child can still qualify for coverage through the state of Florida. Enrollment for KidCare is open throughout the year.

The four divisions of Florida KidCare include MediKids, for children ages 1 – 4, Healthy Kids for ages 5 – 18, KidCare Medicaid for children under 19, and Children’s Medical Services Network for children ages 0 – 18 with special medical needs. Florida KidCare covers a variety of medical services that you would expect from a health plan, from preventive care to emergency room visits. A selection of the services

covered by KidCare include:

  • Routine check-ups
  • Immunizations
  • Physician office visits
  • Dental
  • Hospital care
  • Surgery
  • Vision and hearing
  • Emergency care
  • Mental health
  • Prescriptions


KidCare Eligibility

For full benefits under a subsidized Florida KidCare plan, a child is required to meet the respective criteria, including age, income, and residency. To start, children must be under the age of 19, and a Florida resident with citizenship in the U.S. or legal documentation for residency. Additionally, KidCare premium assistance is available to those who do not qualify for regular Medicaid, and are not insured. If a child has some insurance that is deemed inadequate or limited, they may still qualify.

As mentioned, based on age and income, the program for which a child qualifies is dependent upon this data. Below is a list of the various age groups and income levels that correspond with each Florida KidCare section. Related to the Federal Poverty Level (FPL), the monthly and yearly income is calculated as a percentage of the current income level dictated for each family size.


Monthly Income Requirements


Annual Income Requirements

If your family income is more than these guidelines require, you can still qualify for Healthy Kids and MediKids at the full-pay premium.


Healthy Kids

Health insurance coverage for children between the ages of 5 and 18 whose income exceeds the limits for Medicaid can qualify for Healthy Kids. Designed to provide high quality, low cost medical insurance, Healthy Kids benefits include but are not limited to doctor’s office visits, vaccinations, emergency care, dental care, hospitalization.

Costs vary based on your family’s income level and size, though a typical Florida Healthy Kids family pays a monthly premium of about $15 or $20 on the subsidized plan. Premiums for the full-pay plan are determined based on income. Copays for services are charged at times, though they will be very affordable.

Find out more and apply at HealthyKids.org.


Children ages 1 through 4 who live in Florida can get health insurance for a low cost through MediKids. The Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA), administers the Florida MediKids program, offering affordable coverage from the same organization that runs Florida Medicaid. MediKids members have access to most of the benefits a Medicaid enrollee would receive, and their services are obtained through Medicaid providers.

Depending on income, premiums will vary. However, like Healthy Kids the monthly rate is usually $15 or $20 under premium assistance. The full pay premium option is open to families with income over the limits of the program for $196 per month for each child in the household.

For more information on MediKids, visit the AHCA.


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