Texas Maternity Assistance

Texas Medical Assistance for Pregnant Women


STAR Medicaid

STAR is the Medicaid program available to pregnant women in Texas to provide coverage during pregnancy and childbirth. Women whose household income is less than or equal to $34,281 per year, or 185 percent of the federal poverty level qualify for coverage. Medicaid benefits last throughout pregnancy and up to two months after birth for eligible women.

This program covers pregnancy and prenatal care, birthing services, and childbirth care. Additionally, high-risk pregnant women receive case management services through the STAR program if they have a medical condition or are at risk for a health condition or illness. High-risk children are also eligible for case management, which helps you find a doctor or provider, makes accessing care more simple, provides follow-up, and assists with obtaining medical supplies.

STAR members also have access to the Expecting the Best program, which gives supportive and educational services to pregnant women. This program assists with finding a doctor, making prenatal appointments, providing information on eating well, and give referrals to free community resources – such as prenatal classes. After giving birth, this program can provide new mothers with free supplies to help with a newborn and an informative booklet.



CHIP, the Children’s Health Insurance Program, also offers coverage for prenatal services. This program is designed for women whose income is too high to receive Medicaid (over 185 percent of federal poverty level or $34,281 annually), and have no other source of health insurance. Pregnant residents of Texas are able to apply for coverage for various services including labor and delivery, and medical services for the first few months of life.

Hospital and other costs associated with giving birth are covered, whereas labor that does not result in birth is not covered. Also, labor and delivery costs may not be covered for certain income levels, therefore requiring those women to apply for Emergency Medicaid to pay for the duration of their hospital stay.

CHIP perinatal coverage includes:

  • Up to 20 prenatal visits
  • Prescription drugs coverage
  • Labor and delivery
  • 2 postpartum doctor’s office visits for mothers
  • Routine checkups, immunizations, prescriptions, and other CHIP benefits for the baby after leaving the hospital


Monthly Income Guidelines for Pregnant Women

Family Size     |     Medicaid for Pregnant Women     |     CHIP Perinatal

1                              $1723                                                               $1862

2                              $2333                                                               $2522

3                              $2944                                                               $3182

4                              $3554                                                               $3842

5                              $4165                                                               $4502

6                              $4775                                                               $5162

7                              $5386                                                               $5882

8                              $5996                                                               $6482



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