About Health Insurance in Kentucky

Through East Coast Health Insurance, you can get coverage from one of the five premier health insurance companies available in Kentucky. We offer the services of Aetna, Humana, United, and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kentucky.


  • Total Population: 4,279,400
  • Total Uninsured Population: 659,900 (16%)
  • Typical Cost of Inpatient Hospital Visit Per Day: $1,546
  • Average State Premium for Individual Health Insurance: $210

Information provided by Kaiser Family Foundation, 2010.

Choosing a Plan in Kentucky

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Kentucky Health Insurance Market & Laws

In the state of Kentucky, health insurance regulations are much like the rest of the country. One of the key provisions is guaranteed renewability, which makes it legally possible to renew your health insurance plan at the end of a term, assuming you have paid your premiums on time and not violated your plan in any way. This  provision also makes it illegal for a health insurance company to cancel your policy due to acquiring a health condition.

Kentucky health insurance laws define a pre-existing condition as any condition you were diagnosed with six months before you enrolled for health insurance. Insurance companies have the option of giving you an exclusion period, where they will not pay for any medical treatment of your condition, for up to 12 months. They also have the ability to attach an elimination rider to your policy, which excuses the insurer from ever paying for costs associated with that condition.

You can, however, receive credit towards your pre-existing condition expenses when you switch health insurance companies. If you had no breaks in coverage and met all of your premiums, your previous policy can be applied as a credit during an exclusion period.

Regulations in Kentucky for health insurance also mandate that newborns and adoptees are placed on their parents’ individual insurance plan for the first 31 days after birth or adoption. If your insurance plan has the capability of coverage for dependents, then this law applies.

Additionally, if a dependent is handicapped they are able to remain on their parent’s health plan past the age limit.

Insurance companies in Kentucky, like other states have the legal right to determine the cost of your premiums or whether to sell you a health insurance plan at all due to your age and health. They are allowed to set their own price, but there are certain limits they must fall beneath to meet federal regulations. Insurers in the state of Kentucky are also required to offer standardized health plans to everyone they have accepted as a client.

Conversion policies are also offered for those in need of short term health insurance in Kentucky. These are temporary plans that are typically for those who have left a group policy, used their COBRA benefits, and need coverage in the interim. It is highly recommended that you find a long term policy while you are receiving short term benefits, so you are prepared when the term ends.


In Kentucky, the following benefits are required to be covered by all health insurance plans:

  • Diabetes
  • Maternity
  • Hearing aids for children
  • Breast cancer screenings
  • Equal coverage for mental and physical health care

For further information on Kentucky health insurance laws, visit the Kentucky Department of Insurance website.




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