About Health Insurance in Nevada

Individuals living in Nevada are given a number of great selections for health insurance. A quote from East Coast Health Insurance will guide you through your host of choices from Aetna, Cigna, Humana, UnitedHealth One, Coventry, HMOs from Health Plan of Nevada, and PPOs from Sierra Health Plan of Nevada.


  • Total Population: 2,628,900
  • Total Uninsured Population:¬†552,400 (16%)
  • Typical Cost of Inpatient Hospital Visit Per Day: $1,885

Information provided by Kaiser Family Foundation, 2010.

Choosing a Plan in Nevada

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Nevada Health Insurance Market & Laws

Health insurance laws in Nevada protect both the consumer and the insurance company. One law that benefits the insured is the guaranteed renewability provision, which protects the consumer from losing their policy at the end of a term. As long as you have not violated your policy terms, missed any premium payments, or had any lapses in coverage, your insurer must renew the same plan you had previously.

Pre-existing conditions are defined by the insurance company, though it is usually a condition you have received treatment for or were diagnosed with before your insurance started. An insurance company in Nevada is allowed to give you an exclusion period of any length, where they will not pay for any medical expenses relating to that illness. They also have the ability to make the exclusion period permanent, and never pay for treatment of that condition.

Exclusion periods are not permitted when changing insurance companies in most states, but in Nevada there is no requirement to follow this law. A new exclusion period can be established by the company you switch to, and they decide upon the length of the period.

Insurance companies in Nevada can deny you coverage based upon your health and age, as well as deciding your premium costs. Insurance companies are also not allowed to cancel your health plan due to acquiring a certain condition during the course of the insurance plan.


In the state of Nevada, federal law requires health insurance to cover the following services:

  • Diabetes treatment
  • Immunizations for children
  • Breast and colorectal cancer screenings
  • Equal care for mental and physical conditions

For more information on health insurance laws in Nevada, visit the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services site.




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