North Dakota


About Health Insurance in North Dakota

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  • Total Population: 630,400
  • Total Uninsured Population: 74,100 (16%)
  • Typical Cost of Inpatient Hospital Visit Per Day: $1,342
  • Average State Premium for Individual Health Insurance: $230

Information provided by Kaiser Family Foundation, 2010.

Choosing a Plan in North Dakota

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North Dakota Health Insurance Market & Laws

Health insurance regulations in North Dakota are in place for the benefit of both the insurer and the insured. Like most states, the guaranteed renewability provision allows you the right to renew your health insurance policy at the end of a term with the same company. Because of this law, your insurer must allow you to renew your existing policy if you have met your premiums and have not violated your policy.

Pre-existing conditions are defined in North Dakota as a condition you received treatment for or were diagnosed within 6 months prior to enrolling in health insurance. Exclusion periods, or time when the insurance company will not pay any expenses related to that condition, can last for up to 12 months.

Also, if a health insurance plan covers dependents, it is required by law that newborns and adopted children be covered under their parents’ individual health insurance for the first 31 days after birth or adoption.

Insurance companies in North Dakota are permitted by law to deny you health insurance or increase your premiums based on your age and health. However, if they accept your application, they are required to offer you a state standardized policy as well as their own options. Standardized plans provide a more affordable option with federally regulated rates.


For individuals who live in North Dakota, health insurance is required to cover the following medical expenses by law:

  • Immunizations for children
  • Breast and prostate cancer screenings
  • Mental health care for the same cost as other medical conditions

More information on laws regarding North Dakota health insurance is available through the North Dakota Department of Insurance site.




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