Pennsylvania CHIP and Children’s Medicaid

CHIP Income Guidelines

The Children’s Health Insurance Program, referred to as CHIP, is a federal program offered by every state to provide health insurance to children under age 19. Unlike Medicaid, CHIP is federally regulated to include all income levels, though children in households with higher income will pay monthly premiums. CHIP premiums are significantly less than a private health insurance plan, and vary by state.

In Pennsylvania, CHIP is administered through UnitedHealthcare Community Plan. The following is their 2012 income criteria distinguishing those who have free coverage, subsidized coverage, and who receives health care coverage at cost.



Children’s Medicaid Income Guidelines

Pennsylvania has followed the Medicaid expansion rules, and allowed a larger number of individuals under age 19 to qualify for Medicaid than several years ago. By annual household income, the following age groups are eligible for coverage with various Medicaid programs for children and families.