About Health Insurance in Washington

Washington residents have access to a handful of top health care companies, and we are here to find the most effective, affordable one for your needs. East Coast Health Insurance connects you with the best health insurance available, through esteemed names like GroupHealth, Asuris Northwest Health and KPS Health.


  • Total Population: 6,664,000
  • Total Uninsured Population: 887,400 (16%)
  • Average Cost of Inpatient Hospital Visit Per Day: $2,810
  • Average State Premium for Individual Health Insurance: $231

Information provided by Kaiser Family Foundation, 2010.

Choosing a Plan in Washington

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Washington Health Insurance Market Overview and Laws

Washington has many health insurance laws to protect the individual who has a health insurance plan and also work in favor of the insurance company.

Much like other states, the guaranteed renewability provision is in place. Because of this law, your insurer must allow you to renew your existing policy if you have met your premiums and have not violated your policy.

In Washington, a pre-existing condition exclusion period can be placed on any health insurance plan. The exclusion periods can vary in length, but are limited to a maximum of 9 months. If you received continuous coverage for your illness on another plan, you are allowed to use the old plan as a credit toward the exclusion period expenses.

Also, if a health insurance plan covers dependents, it is required by law that newborns and adopted children be covered under their parents’ individual health insurance for the first 60 days after birth or adoption.

Insurance companies

Washington health insurance companies are allowed various liberties, and are not held liable for denying someone coverage, or certain other restrictions or charges they may place on a plan. You may be refused health insurance based on your health status, or you may be accepted and charged a higher premium.

Here is a law that does work in your favor: If you are accepted for a health insurance plan, they are not allowed to terminate your benefits if you become ill.

Temporary coverage is also available for times when there is a break in a group health insurance policy. Insurers can issue a conversion plan, where you receive the same benefits as the group coverage, but for a limited time. This is a great solution, though not a permanent one, so it is helpful to find a more long term plan in the interim of a conversion plan.


It is required by law that Washington health insurance companies cover the following medical expenses:

  •     Breast and prostate cancer exams
  •     Diabetes care and supplies
  •     Same coverage for physical and mental health care
  •     Health care for women, such as maternity and preventive services
  •    Reconstructive surgery after mastectomy

For more information, reference the Washington State Office of Insurance site.



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