Requirements for Residency

According to many major health insurance companies, the applicant must be a legal resident within the state and service area of the plan for which they are applying.

Requirements for Non-Citizens

Individuals who are non-citizen residents of the US and are applying for health insurance are required to show proof of legal residency for six months prior to application. Proof of residency can be one of the following:

  • Rental of mortgage payment records for six months in the US
  • Proof of employment for six months in the US
  • Receipts for utility bills (in the client’s name) for six months in the US
  • Medical records from a doctor’s office or hospital proving treatment in the US in the six months prior to application

Regular identification materials such as passports, drivers licenses, social security cards, and visas do not provide evidence of six months of residency.

Foreign exchange students are subject to the full medical underwriting process. The six month residency rule does not apply to them, and they must meet all underwriting criteria.